Winter & Summer Schools

A key element of integration in the programme are the jointly organized winter and summer schools, which are compulsory for all EMGS students. They bring together all students from Ghent, Leipzig, London, Roskilde, Vienna, and Wrocław and offer them the opportunity to attend lectures by representatives of the partner universities. They help create a common identity from the very beginning and inspire fruitful and enriching exchanges amongst students and lecturers from all European participating universities about expectations and experiences made so far in the programme.

During summer schools, students present a first proposal for their master’s thesis, to be discussed in working groups together with lecturers from the respective universities. In addition, the programme is evaluated by the students and representatives to ensure the high quality of the course.

Academic workshops and further joint activities, such as excursions, prepare the students for the transition to the second-year university. The workshops at these winter and summer schools are co-taught by lecturers from at least two different universities of the EMGS Consortium. Each workshop aims at confronting students with different understandings of key concepts within a particular dimension of global studies in order to discuss their analytical application in relation to both topical issues and academic debates. Students learn to deal with different disciplinary conceptual framings and adapt to different political as well as academic cultures – this being one of the key challenges in global studies. Students need to cover the travel costs to the winter and summer schools on their own.

Summer Schools

Winter Schools

2006 in Innsbruck (Austria)

2007 in Wrocław (Poland)

2008 in Leipzig (Germany)

2009 in Eisenstadt (Austria)

2010 in Märkisch-Buchholz (Germany)

2011 in Berlin (Germany)

2012 in Næsgaard Efterskole (Denmark)

2013 in Puck, Gdańsk (Poland)

2014 in Puck, Gdańsk (Poland)

2015 in Baunehøj Efterskole (Denmark)

2016 in Puck, Gdańsk (Poland)

2017 in Baunehøj Efterskole (Denmark)

2018 in Goslar (Germany)

2019 in Puck, Gdańsk (Poland)

2008 in Karpacz (Poland)

2009 in Karpacz (Poland)

2010 in Karpacz (Poland)

2011 in Payerbach (Austria)

2012 in Payerbach (Austria)

2013 in Sebnitz (Germany)

2014 in Sebnitz (Germany)

2015 in Payerbach (Austria)

2016 in Bad Tölz (Germany)

2017 in Payerbach (Austria)

2018 in Lokeren (Belgium)

2020 Online Winter School