Fees & Support


The EMGS Consortium charges a tuition fee of €4,000 per year for nationals from EU member countries and third countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme countries (for a list, please check here) and €5,500 per year for all other nationals.

The tuition fee covers the participation of all courses offered within the EMGS programme and also includes support for administrative and organizational issues. However, students will need to cover travel costs to the winter and summer schools.

Should a student fail to have met all of the required examination criteria by the end of the fourth semesters of the course full tuition fees will be incurred for each further term the student need to be enrolled in order to complete the programme.

Information about the concrete tuition fees charged to a student will be included in the admission letter.

Fee Waiver

The EMGS Consortium is happy to provide applicants from around the world the opportunity to apply for partial tuition waivers that reduce the amount owed.

For students from EU member countries and third countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme countries the fee-waiver amounts to €2,250 per year and for students from all other countries to €2,500 per year.

The number of waivers is limited (in total some 40 waivers per intake are available), and the following guidelines will be applied:

These waivers are open to all students who applied for the EMGS and wish to study at the Ghent University, Leipzig University, Roskilde University, the University of Vienna, or the University of Wrocław.

The student has been accepted for admission to the EMGS programme

The student receives an outstanding score in the selection criteria for admission to the EMGS programme.

Waivers will not exceed the amount of tuition. Waivers do not include application fees, books, student fees, room and board, or other related costs.

The waiver is limited to a maximum of two years during the EMGS programme.

In case a fee waiver is granted, a confirmation will be included in the admission letter issued by the EMGS Consortium.