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EMGS winter term highlights: Preparations for Graduation Ceremony, Alumni Conference and Winter School are underway

Traditionally, the winter term is peppered with events, which bring students from different study places together. These are highlights, which have fostered not only our academic community, but also our social ties, when meeting, exchanging, celebrating together. Under the pandemic conditions, we have to rethink these forms and formats, too. This year’s Graduation Ceremony has to be organized online, while it can be accompanied at the different study places by hybrid or on-site events. The consortium headquarters and the coordinators at the study places will inform you soon about the specific planning.

This year, we moreover organize another edition of the Global Studies Alumni conference. It will take place also online, extending over several days from 19 – 25 November 2020. Hence you can look forward to joining this forum to exchange and profit from the experiences of those who have already graduated from the program. The coordinator for the Alumni conference, Therese Mager, is a Global Studies alumni herself and will get in touch with you soon. Save the date!

Finally, at the end of the year the Global Studies Winter School is usually a crucial moment to reflect and exchange about experiences from the first months of the new term. This time, we will also have to organize it online, but after the experiences with our virtual summer school, we are confident that we can all help make this a valuable and productive experience.