Giampaolo Conte on his experience as an Erasmus Mundus visiting scholar

I had the pleasure to be an Erasmus Mundus visiting scholar in the EMGS programme at the Ghent University in March 2022. I found that the this inter-university exchange is of great value and potential. Given my specialization in contemporary economic and social history at Roma Tre University (Italy), I have found in Frank Caestecker, a lecturer of EMGS in Ghenta valuable colleague with whom to exchange ideas and research projects. The lectures I gave at the University of Ghent focused on the emergence of the financial economy in the second half of the nineteenth century and on the role of the Italian economy within the diversified and complex European geopolitical landscape. I was very pleased to find a highly dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. The participation of the students was of great value, especially in terms of new intellectual stimuli and new paradigms of observation. Moreover, it was also stimulating to discuss topics such as the evolution of modern economics through both orthodox and heterodox methodological approaches. I deem that the stimulation of critical thinking is a crucial turning-point for the positive and constructive evolution of the social sciences. I believe that the EMGS programme deserves praise for being able to combine a multidisciplinary approach to global studies by enhancing critical perspectives that pose fundamental questions about the future of our world. 

In case you would like to exchange with me, please feel invited to contact me via E-Mail.