New PhD in Global Studies at UCI

The Department of Global and International Studies at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) School of Scoial Sciences announced a new Ph.D. program in global studies. All applicants admitted into the PhD will receive six full years of funding. Applications will be accepted until December 1, 2020.

The PhD program in Global Studies provides a critical transdisciplinary degree that stands out from other programs for its cutting-edge curriculum engaging multiple theoretical perspectives and methodologies from across the social sciences and humanities. UCI’s program is truly unique for its foregrounding the importance of engaging global south scholarship and non-western epistemologies that broaden the base of knowledge production and bring new perspectives to bear on the pressing global issues impacting us all.

Global Studies is a fast-growing field of inquiry dedicated to understanding pressing global issues such as conflict, inequality, migration, human rights, climate change, health, racial formations, global cultures, diasporas, and development from an interdisciplinary perspective. Global scholars analyze the social, cultural, political, environmental, legal and economic consequences of these issues, understanding them as multidimensional, multi-level and historical processes. The program interrogates taken-for-granted concepts and relations of power while foregrounding the deep historical legacies of colonialism and imperialism.

For more information, please visit the UCI’s website: https://www.globalstudies.uci.edu/grad/admissions.php