Sylff Fellowships for Doctoral research on „Intellectual and Cultural Change in Central and Eastern Europe“

The Sylff programme at Leipzig University supports projects related to the overarching subject of “Intellectual and Cultural Change in Central and Eastern Europe”.

Sylff fellowships are intended to train doctoral candidates who have great potential for future leadership roles in international affairs, in public life and in the private sector.

Sylff fellowships are awarded to outstanding doctoral and postgraduate researchers, in particular in the humanities and social sciences (e.g. comparative literature, art history, philosophy, cultural and communication sciences, educational science, political science, economics, sociology and history of law).

Fellowship applicants from academic disciplines other than those mentioned above may also be eligible for funding under certain conditions, especially if their research work is related to the overarching theme.

Sylff fellowships are awarded based on an agreement concluded in March 2016 between Leipzig University and the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research. The funding is provided by the Nippon Foundation (Tokyo, Japan).

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