The pandemic’s second wave: Regulations at study places and call for blog contributions

While the second wave of the Corona pandemic has reached most countries in Europe and worldwide, the consortium partners have been prepared for the deteriorating situation and offer their programs fully or in part online. This is certainly not the situation we would have wished for and we appreciate students’ and lecturers’ effort to build a virtual global studies community across the consortium.

The regulations designed to contain the pandemic are developing in very dynamic ways and differ from place to place. We still try to update you here on a few developments and we encourage you to get in touch with your local coordinators in case of insecurities, questions and concerns.

You find below a number of links providing information on Corona regulations at various study places. If you have more and additional information, the headquarters at Leipzig would be grateful if you shared these with us. We would also be excited, if you might be willing and inspired to share your experiences during the Corona pandemic, in particular also your expectations and experiences with online teaching in the Global Studies program. We would be happy to publish these on our blog, as well.


Corona rules at University of Vienna: Click here


Corona rules at Leipzig University: Click here 


Corona rules at LSE : Click here 


Corona rules at Ghent University:


Covid19-Guidelines at Roskilde University: Click here