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Shortly before the summer term started, universities across the world had to switch to online only teaching. Some could build on previous experiences. On the ReCentGlobe blog Katarina Ristic and Matthias Middell look at the online teaching strategies, which had been developed at GESI before the corona pandemic. See: 18 June 2020
Dear students As promised, we would like to inform you about the progressing plans for the forthcoming term. Some of the participating universities have already taken firm decisions that we as a consortium have to take into account, while others have only just announced interim decisions because their governments
The EMGS partner universities have developed a number of strategies to deal with the Coronovirus crisis. We give an overview of the different regulations here. Leipzig University postponed the start of face-to-face lectures and classes in the summer semester 2020 – initially until 4 May. Most university services are