Information on entry rules: Corona regulations at EMGS study places and their countries

Dear students,

we would like to inform you that the EMGS Consortium is preparing for the coming academic year 2021/22 at its various study places. Even though the Covid-19 infection rates are currently low in most European countries there are several restrictions which also effect the study organization.

Since the pandemic regulations are developing in a constantly changing manner and vary from country to country, kindly ask all students to check the websites indicated below regularly and to contact your local study coordinator if you have any further concerns or questions:

At the moment, it is planned to have classes offered in presence in the winter term 2021/22, as far as this is allowed and reasonable. We therefore expect our students to be physically present at their place of study in the winter semester. Should students not be able to come to their place of study due to travel restrictions caused by the corona pandemic and difficulties in getting visa, a reduced range of online courses will be made available, which will allow these students to complete the winter term online.

Below, you will find a number of links with information on corona regulations at various study places and their countries.

We wish you all the best with your upcoming travel and semester preparations, and look forward meeting you in person or online at the beginning of the winter semester!

Ghent / Belgium

Information about corona regulations at by Ghent University:

Corona regulations in Belgium:

Leipzig / Germany

Information about corona regulations by the corona regulations at Leipzig University:

Corona regulations in Germany:

LSE / United Kingdom

Information about corona regulations by LSE:

Corona regulations in the United Kingdom:

Roskilde / Denmark

Information about corona regulations at Roskilde University:

Corona regulations in Denmark:

Vienna / Austria

Information about corona regulations at University of Vienna:

Corona regulations in Austria:

Wroclaw / Poland

Information about corona regulations by University of Wroclaw:

Corona regulations in Poland: