Leipzig University Announces Onsite Teaching in Winter Term 2021/22

Dear students,

come back to Leipzig!

Today we are pleased to announce that we plan to resume in-person teaching from the winter semester 2021/22. Any restrictions on in-person teaching will only be the result of corresponding legal requirements.

From next semester, teaching will take place on campus. The University Library with its branches, the PC pools and all other Leipzig University facilities will be open for you. This also applies to the refectories, cafés and other facilities run by the Studentenwerk Leipzig. It will always be necessary to observe the relevant hygiene rules.

If the rolling incidence is higher than 10, you will be required to wear a face covering indoors. Separate rules will apply in rooms used for practical laboratory work (chemistry/biology) and the like. Contact tracing will remain in place. Use of the “Darfichrein” QR code system will be extended to all seats and rooms.

The University management urges you to take advantage of local public vaccination services at vaccination centres and doctor’s surgeries, and to do so quickly, so that you are fully vaccinated against coronavirus in time for the start of the winter semester. More information is available from the Free State of Saxony (https://www.coronavirus.sachsen.de/coronaschutzimpfung.html#a-10925) and the City of Leipzig (https//www.leipzig.de/coronavirus). You can still check our own website for the latest information from the University (https://uni-l.de/corona).

Please make sure you are fully vaccinated when continuing your studies in the winter semester. This will make life at the University safer and more relaxed for us all.

More information can be found in the following interview with the Leipzig University Magazine: https://www.uni-leipzig.de/en/newsdetail/artikel/universitaet-plant-wintersemester-in-praesenz-2021-08-02/

One final thing: sports courses run by the Centre for University Sport will take place in person. For the lecture-free period, there are still free places on a variety of sports and fitness courses. This is a great way to get physically active, try a new sport and meet people. Register now at: www.zfh.uni-leipzig.de
One for your diaries: registration for sports courses in the winter semester opens on 5 October 2021.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer. Let us all look forward to seeing each other again in person from the winter semester here at our Alma Mater Lipsiensis!

Yours faithfully,

Professor Thomas Hofsäss

Vice-Rector for Education and International Affairs