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Matthias Middell on Zoom fatigue

There is no new experience in society without immediate comment by experts on consequences – intended ones and unintended ones as well.After a few weeks of online teaching a new term has made already its career: zoom fatigue and there is a good explanation why we may feel stressed by endless video-chats that simulate both seminars and meetings as we experienced it before the corona-crisis. Please have a read here and consider to turn off your camera when following lengthy explanations by your classmates or lecturers as well as to walk around with your cell-phone instead of becoming a case for the orthopedist.Unfortunately, there is not very much hope that we will return to the traditional classroom work already in May. Insofar, we are happy to learn that now also Leipzig University’s central IT service has bought Zoom licenses after the data protection has obviously improved. This will help us overcoming a somehow funny situation with meetings interrupted regularly after 40+ minutes. But please be assured that we will not become cocky and will monitor the risk of Zoom fatigue seriously when planning the ongoing semester.