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Testimonial 1: Erasmus Mundus Global Studies at Roskilde University

At RUC, every assignment or project work feels real. I felt like I was a researcher rather than a student working on her homework. This is why I became more confident in myself and in my ability to contribute to academic research through my knowledge. Being surrounded by professionals dedicated to their work has given me a huge motivation to continue research work in academia.

My time at RUC has given me a set of skills that I value a lot. Above all, this includes academic research skills, and an ability to engage critically with different facets of societal problems professionally or in everyday life. More specifically, RUC has opened doors for me to the research environment that led to my current Ph.D. position and played a key role to put me on a research-oriented career path.

I would recommend studying at RUC to everyone interested in learning more about how different facets of society and politics work. You will get a chance to dive deep into the topic and the issue that you are most interested in. Through its curriculum and project work, RUC helps you to specialize in the study field you are most passionate about. This equips you both for academic and non-academic career paths after graduation.

Living in Denmark

Living in Denmark means living in a society, which respects traditional institutions and simultaneously strives towards modern technology. It is an interesting mixture of people placing huge trust in the state and the society while at the same time prizing individual autonomy and freedom. Personally, I love it!


Gvantsa Gverdtsiteli is now a Ph.D student at Roskilde University

Roskilde University is a member of the EMGS Consortium. Their modules focus on Global political economy and global governance, political culture and civil society. Find out more here.