Testimonial 2: Erasmus Mundus Global Studies at RUC

With its interdisciplinary approach, RUC allowed me to understand more about the wide academic field that is out there. I took a break from studying after my bachelor’s degree to work for a few years, so when returning for my master’s, I was unsure what exactly would be the right topics for me. My work experience had taught me that disciplinary silos are quite far away from the ‘real world’. So I liked the interdisciplinary approach.

The project work and other group work are a fixed part of the curriculum, which is a very productive and an excellent way to get to know a lot of new people quickly and intensively. The teachers are very approachable and happy to help with any questions. They always provide excellent suggestions for further reading, so I could really get into the topics of my interest. As a consequence, I found the topics I was really interested in and which I still study and engage with today. Finally, I got to know my terrific phd supervisor – without her, I would not be doing what I am doing today!

The campus at RUC has a special and concentrated atmosphere and the library is lovely. The campus area has some little lakes, so whenever you need a break just take a walk! I recommend RUC for the excellent access to teachers, open atmosphere, and open-ended potential for engagement make RUC a great choice!

Living in Denmark

Though not everything is great in Denmark, some things really are: biking, public transport, social security & healthcare, food, nature, and the sea are among them. Copenhagen, of course, is a beautiful city – almost too perfect  🙂


Franziska Cooiman is now a Ph.D student at Roskilde University

Roskilde University is a member of the EMGS Consortium. Their modules focus on Global political economy and global governance, political culture and civil society. Find out more here.