Book Publication by Arkaprabha Pal on the British Empire’s Rationale to Invest In The Railways in India

Arkaprabha Pal, EMGS alumni, currently working with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, has recently self-published a book entitled: WHY AND HOW DID THE BRITISH EMPIRE INVEST IN THE RAILWAYS IN INDIA (1858-1947)?On the backdrop of powerful narratives on colonialism and its impact on colonial societies gaining popularity both among academics and in mainstream public spaces, this book revisits some of the fundamental questions and debates surrounding the functioning of colonialism as an entity by going beyond the black and white narratives of imperial apologists and nationalists of different colors. Focusing on British colonialism in India from 1857-1947, the book looks into imperial investments in magnanimous infrastructure development projects in colonial India. It narrows its focus to the construction and expansion of the railway network- why and how did the British Empire invest in the railways?Find further information on the book at: