EMGS Alumna Anna Osterlow publishes policy paper with the Regional Academy on the United Nations

I studied EMGS in 2020-22. During my second  year in Vienna, I had the pleasure to participate in the Regional Academy on the United Nations and work together with a team of other students from different countries and disciplinary backgrounds. In cooperation with a mentor from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) we conducted a qualitative study and interviewed experts on ethical and fair Artificial Intelligence.

Our paper is out now, take a look here:

“Potentials and challenges of Artificial Intelligence to tackle inequalities”. Anna Osterlow, Raquel de Haro, Mireia Lopez and Franz Schmid


The first conference took place from 9-11 May 2022 in Barcelona, where I surprisingly meet a number of EMGS alumni, who also took part in the academy. At the final conference from 18-20 Jan 2023 we presented our research at the UN headquarters in Vienna, which was an inspiring opportunity to discuss with other teams the topic of this year’s academy: “A common approach to leaving no one behind: how to reduce inequalities through innovation”.

The program was a great chance to link my EMGS studies to a practical level of policymaking and gain insights into the UN system. In case you would like to get to know more about the Regional Academy on the United Nations, please visit: http://www.ra-un.org/