Postcards from … (3): Macquarie University

My main motivation to come study in Australia was that I wanted to study at a non-European university to challenge my thinking. Macquarie did not disappoint. At Macquarie’s Department for Indigenous Studies, I found a course that critically engaged with Western paradigms by introducing concepts from Indigenous scholarship and knowledge. This course impacted my stay significantly. I highly encourage every student coming to Australia to learn about its history, as well as Aboriginal cultural heritage and practices. You will experience Australia differently. You will not only see beautiful landscapes, but you will see and interact with Australian Country. And its a first step towards travelling more consciously and paying your respects to the original custodians of a place. 

This selection of pictures, shot by me and my friends, are only a glimpse of what Australia has to offer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to live and study here and if I could, I would do it again.