Postcards from … (4): Dalhousie University

Our stay in Canada, more accurately in Halifax, has been a wonderful experience combining an academic focus on International Development Studies from sociological, economical, and methodological perspectives, experiencing some sort of a „Canadian“ lifestyle as well as getting to know people from both the rurally charming province of Nova Scotia and different corners of the world.

Within the period of nearly four months, there is quite a lot to do and see in Halifax (one of the most beloved and frequent destinations being the Halifax Public Library) and also around – under the condition of a driver(’s license). However, one has to consider the living costs and a different lifestyle in Canada (slower/ faster depending on where you come from) and it would not be wise to forget about the rather tight academic schedule either. That being said, the profs and administration staff at Dalhousie always had an open ear for us when we needed help or advice.