Postcards from … (5): Otago University

Kia Ora! 

Dunedin is a relatively small but lively city with a loads of activities, student clubs, amazing landscapes and great opportunities to grasp New Zealand as a country that is in the midst of finding its postcolonial way. With the amazing help of Uni staff in any matter whatsoever, great teaching methods and more personal relations between students and professors, it did not take long for me to fall in love with this place. Not only is the city quite international, but you have the opportunity to engage with locals in rural projects. Or you decide to go hiking during the weekends at one of the many stunning tracks that the country has to offer. 

But be aware that studying here can be quite demanding and you might have many assignments to do – depending on your courses you will take. Also bear in mind that the living costs are higher, as staying in a student dorm is quite expensive. Nevertheless, studying in New Zealand remains a dream for anyone that is into wild life and good education, inter personal relations and, of course, sports and culture. I highly recommend Otago University!