Scholarship opportunity for EMGS applicants from OESO-DAC countries

The Ghent University awards so called Top-up Grants to candidates from all countries on the OESO-DAC list, who wish to obtain a master’s degree at Ghent University in an English taught programme. The grants comprise a monthly living allowance of 1,000 Euros as well as insurance coverage for their studies.

Prospective students cannot apply directly for the scholarship. Instead, a nomination is required by the programme to which they wish to be admitted.

The EMGS programme will nominate candidates for this scholarship who apply by March 31, 2023 for admission to the EMGS programme. Potential candidates will be notified of their nomination in April and will be required to submit additional documentation. If awarded a Top-Up Scholarship, applicants must commit to complete their entire second study year at the Ghent University.

Further information on the Ghent University Top-up Grant is to be found at: