Alumni Networks

In 2010, the alumni of the EMGS programme established their own network. This EMGS Alumni Network was created in order to serve the following purposes:

  • Institute a forum for EMGS graduates to grow alongside the EMGS programme – in size, importance, and impact. A platform that will help maximize the skills and knowledge gained by EMGS students after completing their degree.
  • Build upon and learn from shared post-study experiences from both the professional and academic worlds.
  • Facilitate, strengthen, and expand communication between the alumni of the EMGS programme for collaborative projects.
  • Support initiatives and projects in the field of global studies of both individual students and alumni as well as the EMGS Consortium.
  • Increase the visibility of the programme in the academic world and facilitate interest in the EMGS programme and global studies, in particular amongst public, private, and academic sectors.

    The EMGS Alumni Network e.V. was set up by Christian Denzin, Miriam Wolfsteiner, Mickaîl Daudin, Bettina Heller, and Hafid Derbal.

    The EMGS Alumni Network is open to all EMGS students and alumni who are interested in participating.

    To contact the EMGS Network:[at]

    Erasmus Mundus Alumni

    The Erasmus Mundus programme has also established an alumni organization for all Erasmus programmes: the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA).

    Suleiman Ibrahim Dabo, who is an alumnus of from the 2008–2010 cohort, is representing the EMGS programme at the EMA. You can contact him at: