Student Representatives and Feedback

Our coordinators and teaching staff work hard to ensure the high quality of the programme and enhance its achievements. To this end, we are always in close contact with EMGS students, who select two student representatives at every member university. Students meet regularly with their representatives in order to ensure that the programme is running smoothly. This feedback at the local level is essential since it is the most effective way to influence the ongoing programme directly. Local coordinators regularly report on such feedback and communicate it to the EMGS Consortium so that structural adjustments can be prepared. Additionally, a student representative for each study cohort is elected by the students who regularly join the EMGS Steering Committee meetings.

Twice a year, during the joint winter and summer schools, feedback sessions are held with all EMGS students. These sessions lead to discussions between the student representatives with the representatives of all member universities to recommend further improvements to the programme. Thus, not only problems at individual study places but also best practice measures can be identified, resulting in the development of common strategies to guarantee quality assurance. The feedback meeting at the summer school also serves as a follow-up session for the discussions during the winter school of the previous term.

Every year, prior to the summer school, the EMGS Consortium requests quality reports from the participating universities. Separate evaluations are conducted to measure the quality of the introductory weeks and pre-arrival support as well as the winter and summer schools. In addition, the Strategic Advisory Board on Employability, which consists of representatives working in branches that are relevant fields of employment for EMGS graduates, holds regular meetings to discuss issues of employability and to evaluate internship reports from the students.

Throughout the entire study year, students can consult the local coordinators in case difficulties arise. The coordinators also supply students with information on scholarships, part-time jobs, as well as internships.