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Roskilde University Testimonials

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Gvantsa Gverdtsiteli, Ph.D student
Franziska Cooiman, Ph.D student
Irene González, first year EMGS student

Elias Degruyter (Ghent, Addis Ababa, Vienna; 2018-2020)

Participating in this Global Studies master has stimulated me to read, write and discuss about a variety of highly relevant social issues, ranging from colonial histories to contemporary trade policies. The diversity of students‘ geographical and disciplinary backgrounds creates an inspirational atmosphere, both socially and intellectually. I also value the freedom to explore my own interests within the extensive field of Global Studies. For example, my stay in Addis Ababa has allowed me to conduct thesis research on foreign investment and development in Ethiopia. This study experience will support and inspire me in my professional endeavors, and I’m sure the same counts for most of my fellow students.

Mariama Diallo (Leipzig, Ghent; 2019-2021)

My name is Mariama Diallo and I am 21 years old. After graduating from Université Saint-Louis – Bruxelles (Belgium) with a degree in Political Science, including an exchange programme in Porto Alegre (Brazil), I started my master’s degree in Global Studies at Leipzig University. I am currently pursuing my second year of master at Ghent University. Growing up in a multicultural and multilingual environment pushed me towards experiences abroad and that is why I opted for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree which facilitates and offers international learning possibilities. My choice for Leipzig and Ghent Universities was motivated by my willingness to improve my communication skills in foreign languages, namely German and Dutch, but also by their wide range of courses on African and European studies that reflect my research interests and my master’s thesis subject: return migration from Europe to Africa. Thanks to my excellent marks and outstanding application, I was awarded a Crister Stephen Garrett Scholarship for the winter semester 2020, so as to cover most of my expenses in Ghent. In the memory of Professor Crister S. Garrett, the scholarship aims to support young people in a project abroad for personal and professional development. I am most honored to have been selected and I am deeply grateful for this great opportunity.

Ross Goodman-Brown (Leipzig, Macquarie, Vienna; 2018-2020)

During my Global Studies track I was fortunate enough to spend time at Leipzig, Macquarie University and the University of Vienna in a particularly formative two years. Through this amalgam I developed a burgeoning interest in religion(s) and its dynamic place within society, therefore I plan to partake in further study and research in this area. The aspect of the course that really sets it apart from my previous academic experience is the support and sense of community you will immediately feel upon enrolment, nowhere is this more evident than in Leipzig.

Ross Goodman-Brown cooking with his Flatmates

Xenia Pilipenko (London, Macquarie, Vienna; 2008-2010)

After two amazing years in the Global Studies program, I stayed in Vienna and became involved in human rights and migratory affairs. Now I work for the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) as a Project Manager. Since my graduation, EMGS has continued to be an important part of my life, as I’ve remained involved in the program’s impressive alumni network.