Looking for a living unit in the University Halls of Residence? The Housing Office rents out rooms, studios and flats to international students, staff and visitors and can inform and advise you about the private rented market.

Information about our Halls of Residence

The University Halls of Residence have a great deal to offer:

  •   We offer short stay possibilities, based on your enrollment at Ghent University
  • The use of electricity, water, and  internet is included in the rental fee.
  • The deposit fee is limited.
  • Furniture and a starting set of bed linen are provided.
  • Facilities are on-site: a common room, a bicycle park and a laundry room.
  • Peace & quiet, at night and during exam periods
  • 24/7 on-site support.

Get acquainted with our Halls of Residence by viewing the video or take a look at our Visual Guide „Feel at home“.

More information can be found here


Once you have secured a place to study in Leipzig, the next thing to do is look for a room. We recommend you to choose for a  a student residence.It almost doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

The student residence offer around 5,200 students a home for their study time in Leipzig. You can get an overview of the prices, size and location of the houses and get a first impression through the picture galleries on the website of Studentenwerk Leipzig.

There are also tutors, who support international students during their stay in Leipzig. They help international students with questions and problems concerning their studies, stay in Germany or private concerns. With the buddy programme, the tutors offer international students the opportunity to get in touch with people from Leipzig.

If you would like to apply for a place in a student residence, please follow the link. Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to


Information on Accomodation at LSE can be be found here. 


Global network: Housing Anywhere

As you will soon prepare for your studies at Roskilde University, we encourage you to find a room before your arrival. Roskilde University supports the global network Housing Anywhere is a peer-to-peer platform where people can rent out rooms to international students.

As a student, intern, PhD candidate, researcher, or visiting professor of Roskilde University you are entitled to priority access to all accommodation available on The platform allows you to choose from rooms listed by local students or verified landlords and securely book prior to your arrival.

For more information, check the local guide on living in Roskilde.

Keep in mind: The housing market in Roskilde is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away, check back regularly.

Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to .

More information can be found here.


The University of Vienna does not have its own student residence. The buildings that belong to the University of Vienna are situated in various places all around town, so there is no particular best area to live. Accommodation is rather expensive. Therefore, student dormitories (which are run by private companies), or flat sharing are reasonable alternatives to renting a single flat. We list a few sites to find accommodation, but the internet also offers many other useful websites.

More information can be found here.


Information for 1st year degree students: 

The University of Wrocław has five co-educational dormitories: Dwudziestolatka, Kredka, Ołówek, Parawanowiec, Słowianka.

All are located in the city center near Grunwaldzki Campus. Students are accommodated in single or double rooms, in Dwudziestolatka also in triple ones. All dormitories have Internet access, also wireless.

There are approx. 2000 places in the university’s dormitories. If the number of applicants exceeds housing capacity, priority will be given to full- and part-time (evening) students in difficult circumstances, who would not be able to take up studies due to daily commute or whose studying would be severely hindered due to daily commute.

If you start full-degree studies in English  at the  University of Wroclaw as an international student please know that you need to apply for dormitory directly by the website of dormitory administation. All information will be provided to you during the application for studies process. The registration for dormitory will be open in February 2020. 

If you want to change your dormitory, please contact dormitory administration directly after your arrival. 

In the second year, you need to apply for a dorm room by yourself.

More information can be found here.