Language Courses

Additional language courses in the local language of instruction (Danish, Dutch, German, and Polish) are offered at all six participating European universities of the EMGS Consortium.

At Leipzig University, German language courses are offered to all EMGS students for free.

At Roskilde University, all foreign students are invited to partake in a foundation course on Danish society and culture.

At the University of Wrocław, Polish language courses are available for EMGS students. The enrolment for the courses in Leipzig and Wrocław is arranged through the local coordinators during the introductory week in Leipzig and before the introductory week in Wrocław.

At the University of Vienna, you also have the possibility to take a German course at the Sprachenzentrum where you receive  a 20 percent discount as an EMGS student (only for intensive and trimester courses, not for regular semester courses)

Moreover, students, who want to learn or improve a further language, have the possibility to attend language courses offered at the different universities at their own cost.

Further information about language courses:

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Leipzig University

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University of Vienna