Mobility Tracks

During the first year, each student will study at one of the participating European universities, and during the second year, at a different European participating university:

– Ghent University (Belgium)

– Leipzig University (Germany)

– Roskilde University (Denmark)

– University of Vienna (Austria)

– University of Wrocław (Poland)

Applicants can indicate a preference for the study places in the online registration. However, the EMGS Consortium makes the final decision on the mobility track with respect to the applicant’s preference, qualifications, and specialization. A further criterion for deciding an applicant’s mobility track is the joint policy within the EMGS Consortium regarding the student body balance between the European participating universities. Once students have enrolled in the programme, their mobility track becomes part of the study agreement and can only be changed from both sides in the case that substantial changes are necessary due to extraordinary circumstances.

Additionally, students have the possibility to apply for an exchange term at one of the non-European partner universities. This term abroad will replace one term at a European participating university. Applying for a term at a non-European partner university is only possible after students have enrolled in the EMGS programme. A call for applications will be sent to all eligible candidates in December each year.