Special Emphasis: Peace and Security in Africa

Study in Africa and Europe

There is a special emphasis on “Peace and Security in Africa” within the global studies programme that is offered by the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University in cooperation with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. There are two options for participation: You may apply directly for this two-year emphasis within the EMGS programme and then spend three terms in Addis Ababa and only the second term in Leipzig or you may be integrated into the EMGS programme and spend your third term in Addis Ababa while following for the rest of you study times the track between two European participating universities of the EMGS Consortium as described here.

Why integrate a peace and security focus into global studies?

Globalization processes are strongly linked to issues of peace and security as well as stability and development – not only in Africa. Globalization processes, including colonialization, decolonialization, the end of the Cold War, effects of 9/11, the 2008 economic and financial crisis, the Arab Spring, the climate crisis,
the Coronavirus crisis, and other current international developments have created particular challenges, risks, threats, and vulnerabilities for the African continent. Globalization is affecting Africa in specific ways and globalization processes (past and present) have implications for security in Africa. The increase
in intrastate and cross-border conflicts as well as civil wars following the end of the Cold War is just one example. Durable peace and stability in Africa have been identified as preconditions for the continent’s development in a constantly globalizing world. As such, peace and security research is of special interest to the region. The creation of the Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union and other related policy and research institutions are further highlight this need. Linking the subject of peace and security to the field of global studies allows us to analyse not only the spatial context but also the global dimensions of peace
and security in Africa.

Local knowledge and local course material is fundamental for a curriculum that lives up to the standards of the 21st century in which universities of the Global South are to be taken seriously. This special emphasis programme takes Africa and its role in the world at its heart – it teaches with Africans, not simply about Africa.

Why should I choose this special emphasis?

  • Learn theories about processes of globalization, peace and security, and Africa’s role in it
  • Approach peace and security through an interdisciplinary and transregional lens
  • Immerse yourself in an intercultural experience in the Global South and in the Global North
  • Undertake an internship in Addis Ababa, the political capital of Africa
  • Impress employers with multiple academic cultures of knowledge and practical experience
  • Join the alumni network with graduates in institutions such as the African Union and Oxfam

What is the conceptual approach?

  • It raises awareness about Eurocentrism and Afrocentrism
  • It lifts international relations out of its containerized state-centric view
  • It integrates spatial perspectives from new political and human geography
  • It provides historical background knowledge to understand changing political orders
  • It facilitates comparative, reflective, and mindful discussions

The complete MA emphasis “Global Studies with a special emphasis on Peace and Security in Africa” is an intensive full-time study programme lasting two years. The third term, which EMGS students can take, starts in October in Addis Ababa, and courses are taught by local staff in blocks for two to three weeks.